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The Counsellor

Faisal Nahri, Muslim counselling therapist

Faisal Nahri (he/him/his)

Professional counsellor

ACCT – Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada

Offering culturally specialized counselling... 

I have lived, worked and studied in the Arab world, South and Southeast Asia before settling in Vancouver, BC in 2011. A good friend and mentor describes me as a honey bee, a nahlah that has travelled from place to place in search of sweetness and wisdom. Urdu is my first language; and I have picked up English and some Arabic and Hebrew along the way.

I am wadūd and rahīm, striving to grow in love and compassion; and a hanīf believer who dares to have a critical-appreciative relationship with tradition. I know the divine as the light of the heavens and the earth, the qāil of kun. I am a pragmatic idealist, a lifelong learner, a warm-hearted teacher and a sincere advisor. I believe human beings can make a life without harming other human beings and the planet.

Besides my training as a professional counsellor, I have studied (and taught) religion in academic and community settings for years and participated in a variety of cultures. I am uniquely positioned to assist clients (especially Arab, Kurdish, Persian, Afghan, Kashmiri and South Asian) in navigating their dilemmas and struggles. 

I work with and around customs and traditions. I help you identify tools and traps in your cultural background and religious repertoire. I am authoritative and-but democratic. I empower you to chart your own path and shape your experience with confidence and rootedness.

My approach

I study and learn from European and Eurocentric traditions in psychology. The Islamic theory of self (or ‘ilm al-nafs) is a key aspect of my intellectual heritage, and I am influenced by the Sufi Muslim practice of self-care and supporting others. I am inspired to put the pieces together for a postcolonial counselling theory and praxis. 

Support Areas

Soft addictions, moral dilemmas, identity issues, migration and racial trauma, family conflict, intercultural relationships, sexuality, religion and spirituality, religious trauma, spiritual abuse, convert Muslim experience, managing money, career development, life transitions