Your path to wholeness

Faisal Nahri, holistic well-being model

I support clients to practice balanced self-care, so their body, heart, mind and spirit all get the attention they deserve.

When we take better care of ourselves, we also thrive socially, professionally and financially. 

My approach

Attending to your age, ability, class, gender, race and coloniality to fully understand your experience and conceive a wellness strategy that works for you

Engaging your cultural and religious commitments to identify your strengths and potential roots of your struggles

I study and learn from European and Eurocentric traditions in psychology. The Islamic theory of self (or ‘ilm al-nafs) is a key aspect of my intellectual heritage, and I am influenced by the Sufi Muslim practice of self-care and supporting others. I am inspired to put the pieces together for a postcolonial counselling theory and praxis. 

Support areas

Soft addictions, moral dilemmas, identity issues, migration and racial trauma, family conflict, intercultural relationships, sexuality, religion and spirituality, religious trauma, spiritual abuse, convert Muslim experience, managing money, career development, life transitions

Guiding values


soundness of body, mind and means; and an environment of love, peace and security


sincerity, and advice that issues from a place of sincerity


dive in to thyself to find the secret of life

training your brāhīm

learning to trust your innate reasoning, discovering your values to live an authentic life